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Customized massage- Specifically tailored to your personal needs and desired focus using light to firm pressure. Feel Physically and mentally refreshed after this massage designed by you.

60 min - $65

90 min - $85

120 min - $115

The “Deep Package”- The ultimate enhancement to your customized massage that combines a variety of techniques including deep tissue, trigger point and myofacial release to target knots and release chronic muscle tension. This service uses hot towels to unravel tight, stressed and achy muscles.

Add on to 60 min- $20

Add on to 90 min- $25

Add on to 120 min- $30

Prenatal Massage- Massage naturally releases the hormone Oxytocin aka the “bonding” hormone. The healing touch of this nourishing massage is designed for expecting mommies to aid in relaxation and facilitate bonding between mother and child. This massage is specifically tailored to you as your body and therapeutic needs change.

60 min - $65

90 min - $85

Hot stone massage is a soothing massage that uses water heated basalt stones to achieve a relaxing massage that melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness and increases circulation.


Therapeutic Hot stone- The stones are both placed for maximum effect and used as an extension of the therapists hands to achieve the ultimate combination of therapeutic benefit and total body relaxation.

90 min- $100

Deep Stone- This massage incorporates the use of heated basalt stones for specific tight areas. The heat of the stones mixed with deep tissue applications penetrate deep into the muscle belly and relax the muscle from the inside out. Achieve the deepest deep tissue massage with ultimate results.

90 min- $125

Mini Services

Walking on Air- A foot and lower leg treatment designed to reinvigorate the whole body. Starting with a lemongrass foot scrub followed by a massage for the calves and feet. The feet are then cocooned in paraffin wax to seal in moisture. Great for those who suffer from Plantar fasciitis or tired and fatigued feet. This service will leave you feeling like you are walking on air and can be added on to a massage or performed on its own.

30 min $45

Tension Eraser- A Face, Neck and scalp massage utilizing warm towels and cool stones. This service is great for sinus, headache & migraine sufferers. Reflex points are targeted for maximum Therapeutic benefit. This service can be added on to a massage or performed on its own.

30 min $30

Liquid Legs- A sports approach focused on the legs, hips & Feet. We build a custom approach that can include assisted stretching, triggerpoint therapy and rehabilitation massage. Great for fatigued legs,athletic lifestyles or focus on a specific injury or trouble area.

30 min $30

Head-Neck-Shoulders-Focused therapy on the common stress and tension points that effect most of us. This treatment is a great supplemental therapy to get you by until your next full massage. Add hot towels for a truly rejuvenating service.

30 min $30

30 min DEEP- $45

Columbia Massage Therapy Barbara Miller LMT


Enhance your service

Hot towels- The use of hot, moist towels in massage therapy can help tight muscles to relax, soothes irritated nerve endings and increases circulation. Hot towels can be used in situations where the client is unable to tolerate the pressure needed to mobilize the muscle tissue and can be a great therapeutic addition.


Aromatherapy- Aromatherapy is a powerful way to enhance the effectiveness of Massage. It can calm the nerves and promote physical and emotional health. Using your preference of aromatic blend, the essential oils are incorporated directly into the massage and also used with heated towels and inhalation therapy


Parafin treatment for hands or feet- Paraffin wax is not only beneficial to skin, but it also has many other health benefits. It has been known to relax muscles, increase blood flow, relieve joint stiffness and reduce pain. People struggling with arthritis, muscle, tendon and ligament ailments, tendonitis, sprains and pulled muscles may find paraffin treatments very helpful.


"GLOW" Citrus Body Scrub- 60min service

Hello Bright, Glowing , Soft skin! ​This body scrub buffs away dry, dull skin to reveal velvety soft skin as well as increase the body's blood circulation and help drain the lymph system. Himalayan Pink Salt is known around the world for its uniquely rich nutrient profile that includes calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron. Mixed with citrus essential oil.

Add a massage after to really moisturize your skin and leave it feeling BRAND NEW


 Columbia South Carolina Custom Massage Therapy Barbara Miller 

 Columbia South Carolina Custom Massage Therapy Barbara Miller  Columbia South Carolina Custom Massage Therapy Barbara Miller  Columbia South Carolina Custom Massage Therapy Barbara Miller  Columbia South Carolina Custom Massage Therapy Barbara Miller  Columbia South Carolina Custom Massage Therapy Barbara Miller  Columbia South Carolina Custom Massage Therapy Barbara Miller