The inquest of whether I came to the massage field or if the massage field came to me is still open for debate. Ever since I can remember I have had an internal conflict over living life as an artist and the need within to feel like I am affecting people in a positive way. I could be quoted as saying “Should I be a guidance counselor, or a tattoo artist?”

     When I moved to California from my native N.Y. I was 22 years old and still stuck in that internal tug-of-war. While there I took a job at my first hair salon I had the fortune of meeting driven, creative and passionate professionals in their field. These women inspired me to keep dreaming keep questioning and above all, to never stop searching to actualize my goals however big or small they may be. I met a woman at the salon named Rochelle who was running the Santa Monica Center of Healing Arts.  We arranged a meeting for what I thought was a discussion about how to start a wellness center and manage it. As we talked, she said that thru her energetic intuition she felt that I needed to be more of a working part of the center and that she could tell that I was here to help people on a higher level. Later I attended a workshop based off the book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. Once again, I found more pieces to my puzzle and began having a deeper interest in communication, eastern philosophy, holistic medicine and perspectives.

     I studied Massage at CNI college in Orange CA and graduated in 2010. I continue to learn new techniques frequently and I love that aspect of my profession. Educating my clients on their muscles or "homework" that can help them every day makes me feel truly blessed.

     As of March 2015 Healing Arts By Barbara Miller, LMT was born. My goal is to not only serve my community but be a part of what makes it grow by facilitating true mind/body wellness. Ultimately, I feel as though massage therapy has given me the foundation to do that and actualize the positive outreach I have been working towards my entire life. 

About Barbara