Back to Work!


I hope this finds you and yours safe and well. I did a little face book live video going over my new plan for re opening. (can't wait. can't wait, can't wait) you can view the video here:


Please disregard my "lazy home look" lol.

I really hate not being able to help my second family in this time of uncertainty and anxiety and I cannot wait to open back up!! I love you all and miss you. I want to coordinate with everyone to ensure we all are safe.  These are the things I am going to implement, if you have any recommendations, please lets work together:


1. Please wait in your car and text that you are here. I will text you back when I am ready for you to enter the sanitized building.


2. I will have a sign on front door stating if the door is locked please remain in car until you are texted, but please text me.


3. Upon entering, Please wash your hands. (I will go into the bathroom after and wipe down sink, toilet, light switch, toilet handle etc).


4. I will be running a room air filter to help with ventilation the room.


5.  I will wear a mask and ask that you do as well.


6. Please be courteous and exit in a timely manner so that I can properly sanitize the studio. I have some high grade disinfectant that I was lucky enough to procure.


This time away has been trying and scary but it has given me time to reflect on what is truly important. I keep many of you in my heart and consider you family. I apologize for all of the extra steps and precautions but just know that it comes from a place of love and desire to keep you safe from harm.

I know that I had announced my plan to move to the mountains mere weeks before this all came crashing down. That timeline may be significantly changed depending on a lot of things. Namely, the economy. We were already having a hard go of looking for steady well paying jobs in NC and with everyone out of work, I'm not sure how well it will bounce back and how much harder it will be to get eyes on our resumes.

So, I may be here much longer... I know you are all just DEVASTATED by that. LOL

That being said, when the studio opens back up Tina will still be coming in and available for booking on Thursday and Saturday. June & July she will be running a special into 10% off your booking. When I have more info about some of the unique services she is trained in I will be letting you know. She brings her own tool belt to the equation.

I do not take for granted that I get to wake up every day and help be a part of something bigger than myself. Many of you have been my family for years and I am a better person for it. Thank you.

Stay safe and be well.





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